Without Losers, there wouldn?t be winners

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Without Losers, there wouldn?t be winners

So, the spread is finally in for the Eagles-Patriots game tonight and it turns out that the Patriots are favorite to win by 22.5 points. It?s Incredible: the spread is over 3 touchdowns!!! And people are still picking the Patriots to cover the spread!! I must admit that things are not looking so good for my Eagles. Considering that Donovan McNabb will not be playing and that the game is in Foxborough. But still, my Eagles deserve better than a 3 touchdown spread.

Since writing my post about the 5 stages of death last Tuesday, I realized that I did experience all 5 stages. Here are the various quotes that I made throughout the week:

  • Wednesday: ?The Eagles aren?t really playing the Patriots. It?s just an error in the NFL scheduling software. It will be fixed by the end of the day?
  • Thursday: ?Dammit! The Eagles are really playing the Patriots. I cat believe that this is happening. It?s not fair! The Eagles finally have a two-game winning streak and now, the Patriots are going to stomp them. Stupid Patriots! Stupid NFL for making my Eagles play the Godlike Pariots! Stupid Eagles for sucking! Everybody sucks?
  • Friday: ?Please God, let my Eagles win! If they win, I promise to care about more stuff that I don?t really care about. ?
  • Saturday: – There are no quotes for Saturday. I just watched various football analyses about how badly my Eagles were going to get stomped. I didn?t eat all day?
  • Sunday: ?My Eagles are going to get stomped! Now it?s official, the universe hates me and hates my Philadelphia Eagles?

Anyways, this weekend,, I watched a movie with a great quote: ?Without losers, there wouldn?t be winners?. So I guess that my Eagles are just another Loser team that has to get stomped by the awesome Patriots machine? I?m just praying that the score is not in triple digits.

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  1. The spread was 24.5. That’s 3 touchdowns and a field goal 😉

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