Toronto’s Smallest House is Up for Sale

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So, Toronto’s smallest house is up for sale for anybody interested… Here are a couple of reaons why you may be interested in this house:
This house might be of interest to you if….

  • a.. You are an extremely small person, or own an extremely small dog!!!
  • b.. You don’t have much stuff (barely more than a homeless person!!)
  • c.. You miss that cute little apartment you lived in while teaching English in Japan, then this is the place for you

This house, located near the intersection of Dufferin Street and Rogers Road is believed to be Toronto’s smallest house. Occupying what used to be a driveway, it’s a one-bedroom, one-bathroom house that sits on a parcel of land 7.25 feet (2.2 metres) wide and 113.67 feet (34.6 metres) long and has an interior area of just under 300 square feet (under 28 square metres). The asking price is $179,900.!!!!

Here’s another look at the front: torontos-smallest-house-on-sale-front-2 torontos-smallest-house-on-sale

Here’s the living room, looking towards the front of the house: torontos-smallest-house-on-sale-livingroom

Here’s the living room again, looking towards the back of the house torontos-smallest-house-on-sale-1

Here’s the kitchen looking towards the back of the house. Note that despite the small space, they’ve managed to fit a washer and dryer into the place: torontos-smallest-house-on-sale-kitchen

Here’s the bedroom, looking towards the back of the house. It comes with a Murphy bed, which is a necessity in such a space. This is what it looks like with the Murphy bed down: torontos-smallest-house-on-sale-murphybed

…and here’s the bedroom (looking towards the front of the house) with the Murphy bed retracted: torontos-smallest-house-on-sale-bedroom

You also get some patio space out back. Here it is, looking towards the front of the house. torontos-smallest-house-on-sale-backyard

..and here it is looking towards the back: torontos-smallest-house-on-sale-backyard-2

Here are the house’s listed features:

  • a.. ‘Completely Re-Done Top-To-Bottom, Front-To-Back!’
  • b.. Tumbled stone entrance walk
  • c.. Renovated Bath
  • d.. Renovated kitchen with newer stove, new cabinets and new stacked washer/dryer
  • e.. Bedroom with Murphy bed + ‘Built-Ins’ – doubles as den!
  • f.. Walk-out to fenced patio
  • g.. 100-amp service
  • h.. 2 satellite dishes and receiver
  • i.. ‘Window A/C Available’
Since I got this listing as an email, I don’t have a contact number. But at $180k, that sounds like a steal considering house prices in Toronto…


  1. That top photo in the article is uncredited, but was taken by Alexandra Samur for a Torontoist article on the house from last October (

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  2. You’re Probably right, David. But I had no idea where the pictures came from. Someone sent it to me in an email and I posted it up.

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  3. That would be a pretty sweet $1.5 Million apartment in NYC!

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  4. looks cozy.

    too expensive though.

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  5. Um? Where’s the Bathroom?

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  6. probibly in a closet

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  7. “I think i might buy for my dog she would love it!”

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  8. The bathroom is between the TV wall and the washer/dryer. It even has a tub!

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  9. From the back, it looks like a shed stuck onto the one house! you’d have to get along with your neighbors or they might park their car on your house! Not for fat people, but a single spinster might find it cozy!

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  10. well i like it, cleaning wont take long and you dont have far to walk of a late night snack, and before you ask, i am not fat

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  11. Actually, this would be perfect for a single person who doesn’t party. Room for a TV, desk, loveseat, couple bookshelves. I mean, you’re not going to have a pool table, but hey, my house is 1400 sf and I don’t have room for one, either.
    If I was still single I’d so live in that.

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  12. where is the pool????????????? nice

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  13. It seems more like a novelty buy than a practical purchase.

    Maybe if the price were lower…

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  14. That actually looks fairly spacious for what it is.
    I’d live there.

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  15. Beats living in your parents house! I live in dublin, $180k is about ?100k. That house in dublin Would sell for 300k!!! Im dead serious.

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  16. Ummm…. where is the fridge??

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  17. Was there some local building regulation which said they couldn’t go up a storey? There is plenty of height above to allow for another storey. In that space you could have a full sized bathroom – with tub, shower, washbasin, WC and reasonable floor space for bathroom scales, waste bin and bath rug. Does the circular window in the roof space throw light on a storage area? A storage area AND a full sized bathroom could be added up there. Also, sacrifice most of the front garden and you have a space to park your car. There is still the patio in the back to sit outside and enjoy the sun. BTW – that down-pipe from the rain gutter in the front seems to discharge straight onto the grass. Wouldn’t be permitted in the UK; needs to go underground into a proper drain. Fencing at the back is not adequate – doesn’t go right down to the ground and looks scruffy. With the additions I have mentioned, It might command a price of, say, ?200K in the London area – if the seller were lucky.
    Has the little house sold yet? If so, did the seller get his asking price?

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  18. Actually this house is advertised for sale in brooklyn, I just got an email of it with an address and everything, price though is $179,900.00. However the pics are the same, even has the same for sale sign..
    Anyone know the actual location of this property ?? GOOGLE has both the authentic brooklyn article and toronto.. HMMM Where is this house ?

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  19. i think that’s a nice house…
    looks “cozy” 🙂

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  20. It is in Toronto definitely, somewhat famous. I would never pay 180 000 for a place like that, but for a single person who doesn’t spend a lot of the time in the house it really wouldn’t be that bad if it was considerably cheaper. I’ve seen larger places that are less attractive.

    However, at 180 000 you are paying for the history/novelty rights as well as a living space, and i think that is what makes it so highly priced.

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  21. WANT!

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  22. m4ky3dsdyvpnxo3t

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  23. […] in Toronto. Toronto’s Smallest House is Up for Sale | Everbody Sucks But Us __________________ "Fame" can lick my sweaty undercarriage. ~Jeph that’s like hearing […]

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  24. a bit pricey, but for a simple person, this would be sufficient space. I’m a high school teacher: i need a place to knit and grade papers. that’s pretty much all the time i have in my life!

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  25. not only that — the utilities would be cheap!

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