Tiny Homes in Texas aka Bestie Row


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A couple of best-friends decided that they wanted to build their own small town in the middle of Texas and that is is how Bestie Row was created. Four couples who had been best friends for 20 years who were all fans of the tiny house movement built their own tiny houses thanks to the assistance of architect Matt Garcia. They purchased land along the Llano River, just outside of Austin, Texas. At first they considered one large house. However, they realized that personal space is necessary for even the closest of friends. Still, they wanted a space to commune together. So they built a 1,500 sq. ft. community building with a kitchen, dining area, and space for guests and activities.

Their individual homes are 400 sq. ft. cabins, running around $40,000 each. Their community, dubbed “Llano Exit Strategy,” was designed to handle the harsh, arid Texas climate. These buildings were designed for low environmental impact, and sustainability. The roofs are sloped to angle rainwater runoff into water catchment tanks. In this kind of climate, every drop counts! The interiors of the homes are designed to look like a cross between modern and rustic. The corrugated sheathing gives the modern feel. The rustic, cozy feeling comes from barely treated wood which shows off all it the grainy details. The 400 sq. ft. cabins have no trouble containing the needed living space and bathroom. A little creative space management goes a long way in making a tiny home comfortable.

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