The Worst Hip Hop Album Cover of all time

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big bear - doin thangs Hahahaha. So a couple of months back, we wrote a post on the worst rap video of all time. Well, the segment was so popular, we decided to post the worst album cover all time. It’s by Big Bear and the album is called Doin Thangs. Words cannot describe just how bad this album cover is. From the pimped-out gangsta bears with pimp cups and silk robes to the bizzare bucket of fruits in the middle. My favorite part has to be the bear with the sunglasses and the cigar in his mouth. And for artistic measurs, Big Bear’s name is made out of honey. Priceless!


  1. Lol! So, I thought about it for a minute…. Forget worst album cover of all time, it is the most retarded Album picture ever. I? LOVE it!!

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  2. lol surprisingly his music is dopee…maybe his plan was too make a horrible cover and get alot of media attention lol

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