The Vinatieri Conspiracy Theory.

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Now I am not a fan of conspiracy theories, but I am really starting to believe that there might be a Vinatieri conspiracy theory going on. You see, when a friend first told me about this conspiracy theory, I refused to believe it. But the facts keep pointing to a vast conspiracy theory between the New England Patriots, Adam Vinatieri and of course, Bill Belichick. The facts are presented below:

Fact Number 1: Vinatieri is “Mr Automatic”. He made a name for himself by always making the big-time field goals. He simply does not miss important field goals. Vinatieri, has won two Super Bowls for the New England Patriots with last-second field goals. He’s kicked in the middle of a blizzard and made it for the Patriots. Now, when you make a field goal in the middle of a blizzard, you can make a field goal anywhere!!!

Now, fast forward to the Colts game against the Patriots a couple of weeks ago. Adam Vinatieri is now playing against his old team, the Patriots. This is the same Patriots team that made him a playoff legend. The same Patriots team coached by his hero and mentor, Bill Belichick. If he did anything suspicious, people would start to wonder. So what does he do? He lays low, so that nobody would suspect him of helping Bill Belichick. All he does is miss a 50-yard field goal attempt. (An attempt that he probably could have made if he wanted to. After all, he is Mr Automatic…)

Now that the Patriots have a one game lead over the Colts, Bill Belichick is not comfortable with the lead. He wants a 2-game lead over the Colts. So what does he do? He calls upon Vinatieri to make the Colts lose another game. And what does Vinatieri do? He misses a 29-yeard chip shot that would have won the game for the Colts. A 29-yard field goal?!? Even rookies make 29-yard field goals. I bet you that I could probably make a 29-yard field goal! The only way that Adam Vinatieri missed that field goal was because he wanted to! And do you know why he wanted to? To please Bill Belichick.

So the theory is as follows: Vinatieri is a secret double agents that has been placed inside the colts camp by Bill Belichick to make sure that the only team capable of stopping the Pats is crippled. Vinatieri is a double agent working for the Patriots. He needs to be fired immediately if the Colts are to pose a challenge to the Pats. Otherwise, he will sabotage the Colts when they meet the Pats again in the playoffs. And when the Pats win the SuperBowl, don’t be surprised if Bill Belichick sends a secret ring to Adam Vinatieri…

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