The Top 5 Apple Commercials of All-Time

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Under the leadership of Steve Jobs, Apple has created some really amazing commercials that have inspired us and made us think. The following are the top 5 apple commercials of all-time


This is one of the most iconic TV commercials of all-time! It was a statement against corporations and conformation. The commercial only aired once during the 1984 Super Bowl and was directed by Ridley Scott. Since its original airing date, it has recieved 4 awards and is still considered one of the best ads of all-time

Think Different: The Crazy Ones

This commercial is part of Apple’s Think Different campaign that originally aired in 1997. It features black-and-white images of some of the world’s most influential revolutionaries and innovators. Images of Albert Einstein, Mahatma Ghandi, Martin Luther King, John Lennon.

Mac vs PC

This silly comercail campaign managed to convince a lot of people to “get a Mac”. It was funny, silly and smart at the same time and became an instant pop culture phenomenon with the classic lines: “I’m a MAC” and “I’m a PC”. It illustrated Mac users as young, hip and cool while PC users were old, boring and uncool. The commercials featured John Hodgman as the PC and Justin Long as the Mac. This commercial campaign helped sell many Mac products


This commercial featured the sleek design of the new iPod Nano along with one of the catchiest songs of that year. Feist’s “1-2-3-4” would later be known as the iPod Nano song. This commercial was simply genius because of its simplicity.


This commercial campaign featured cool pics showing Apple’s classic white earphones on shadows in various colored backgrounds. The dancing shadows were cool gap-like commercials that were also printed on magazines and billboards. These commercials helped make the white earphones a classic Apple trademark and helped prove to the world that Apple was cool.

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