The Suckiest Team In The Universe

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After watching the 2007-2008 Philadelphia Eagles lose once again last night, I now think that they are the suckiest team in the universe. They lost to the Chicago Bears! Come on now! Everybody’s been beating up on the Chicago Bears, yet the Eagles managed to lose to them in the last 2 minutes of the game!

If I had to rate them on the suck-o-meter, they would be at the bottom and no other single entity would be allowed to suck worst than the 2007-2008 Philadelphia Eagles. The suck-o-meter is listed below. An actual illustration will soon follow…

  • Sucky
  • Suckier
  • Suckiest
  • Super Sucky
  • Mega-Sucky
  • Ultra-Sucky
  • The 2007-2008 Eagles.

Now I know that there are other teams out there that have worst records than my Eagles. I DON’T CARE! The 2007-2008 Philadelphia Eagles are still the suckiest team in the universe!

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