The Second Suckiest Team in the universe

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So, I was feeling all sad and depressed about how sucky my 2007-2008 Eagles team were and how they were the suckiest team in the universe. Then I got an email that I would like to share with you. His rant was soooo funny that I’m posting it word-for-word. I now realize that although it sucks to be an Eagles fan right now, it’s 100 times suckier to be a Dolphins fan. LoL.

Ronnie Brown season is over (my second fantasy pick, my first one was Stephen Jackson… @!#$^*). Chambers is now a Charger. Green is out for the season.

I wish the Dolphins let go Jayson Taylor (my jersey, the 99) for the best offer and if Zach Thomas is still worth something, go get it.

The Dolphins will finish the season 0 – 16.

I will root for the Giants this weekend against the Dolphins, a team that I do not recognize anymore, Cam Cameron’s team.

I hate Ricky Williams who started this disastered by costing so many 1st round pick and not playing as the franchise player he was suppose to be (and has everything for it but the willingness. I hate Nick Saban who wasted to more year of the reconstruction and made things worse. I hate Jimmy Johnson who forced Dan Marino to retirement for a rookie who could not established himself as a starter (Damon Huard). I hate who T. F. did not draft Quinn.

I always had a second thing I loved to watch, the Detroit Lions but it is not the same as the R.I.P. Miami Dolphins. I suppose it will take another 5 years before they become a good team and start to be seen on TV.

If I win at the lottery, I’ll go get a Det #11 jersey of Roy Williams.

Sad but true.

Devastated me.

This man is more depressed than I am.

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