The Pats are about to face their toughest opponent

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I’ve been watching the well-oiled machine that is the New England Patriots steamroll past every opponent that they have played so far. I think all of that will stop today when they face the Washington Redskins. I am convinced that they are about to face their toughest opponent in the Washington Redskins. Why am I so convinced? One simple reason: Have you seen the size of the Redskins defensive line???? Their only purpose is to hurt whatever offensive line that is put before them. (Trust me, I witnessed what they did with my Philadelphia Eagles). Although it was great watching the Pats destroy those sucky Dallas Cowboys, I think that Washington will be a much tougher opponent. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not stupid. I know that the Pats will still win this game, but i don’t think that they will NOT be blowing out Washington like they’ve been doing with the rest of their opponents. Trust me, the Pats will not win by more than a touchdown. I expect the game to end 27-21.


  1. 52-7! I was wrong…

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  2. Loser-boy.

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