The $20,000.00 iPhone case


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the $20,000.00 iPhone case front

Now, I know that people who buy iPhones feel that they are part of an exclusive rich club. They act all smug and feel all “special” and “cool” because everybody else’s cell phone isn’t as cool as their iPhone. But I was surprised to learn that iPhone owners compete amongst each other to show just how rich they are. And one of the ways that they do this is by buying expensive accessories for their iPhone. Let me introduce you to the $20,000.00 iPhone case.

We received a link to this $20,000.00 iPhone case. It is a case by a company called case-mate. This super-expensive features 18K gold and 42 3.5 carats diamonds. It is embedded in a rare gold carbon fiber leather case. The leather is crafted of luxurious Carbon Fiber leather, previously available only in high end aftermarket cars like Porsche. iPhone users, if you don’t have one of these, then you’re poor!!. Check out the pics below.

the $20,000.00 iPhone case front

the $20,000.00 iPhone case back

Pics courtesy of and case-mate

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