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Captain Kirk & Spock with Lightsabers

Star Trek Kirk Light Saber Jedi The new Star Trek movie is so good that some Star Wars fans are trying to somehow connect it to Star Wars. Check out these pictures of Star Trek characters and their lightsabers.

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Festival of Darth Vader Masks

darth vader mask festival 1 For all you Star Wars fans out there, check out the festival of Vader masks… darth vader mask festival 1 More Vader masks after the jump

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Star Wars-obsessed couple gets married as Han Solo and Princess Leia

Star Wars-obsessed couple Bramwell Brightey, 33, and his girlfriend Tamsyn Lofts, 29, are such huge fans of Star Wars that they decided to get married as Han Solo and Princess Leia. The UK couple got married origianlly wanted to get married on ay 29th so that their invitation would read: “May the 4th Be With […]

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Samurai Darth Vader

Today, while surfing the Net, I discovered Samurai Darth Vader! Samurai Darth Vader is an action figure that is manufactured by a Japanese toy company called Yoshitoku to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Star Wars. Samurai Darth Vader is Awesome.

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LEGO Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite (Winner: Coolest LEGO Creation )

LEGO turned 50 this week. In an order to celebrate this huge event, we’ve found the 3 coolest LEGO creations on the Internet. Coming in at number 1 is LEGO Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite. This is hands-down, the coolest LEGO creation on the Internet. It was created by Nathan Sawaya, who happens to be […]

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