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Rihanna Gravces the covers of Esquire U.K. 2014

As expected, Rihanna once again saves her best photos for our friends is Europe and this time, it’s Esquire UK. The images were taken by famed fashion photographer Ellen von Unwerth and they feature some very provocative images of the very hot and talented singer. The funny thing about this issue of Esquire U.L. is that it is a special edition about food and drink!

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Rihanna Bears it all for Esquire Magazine

It’s been a while since we did one of our Rihanna Bears it all posts, so here we go… According to Esquire Magazine, Rihanna is the Sexiest Woman Alive!! Here are the pics of the photo shoot from Esquire Magazine. Now, usually, in any contest, there are people who will challenge the selection process or the winner. In this case, you’d have to blind to challenge this choice…

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Rihanna’s GQ Magazine photo shot

Since all you readers out there seem to love our Rihanna posts, here are the latest pics from Rihanna’s GQ magazine photoshoot. you’re welcome..

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Rihanna’s Sexy Performance in Dublin

Rihanna seems to always be giving her best stuff to the Europeans. She recently gave one of the sexiest performances ever for at crowd in Dublin. Check out the pics below. And for those of you who feel that this is a Photoshop job, like her sexy pics for FHM Germany

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Rihanna’s Bears It All For FHM Germany

This good girl gone bad is soooooo hot! The lucky subscribers of FHM – German Edition were treated to some of the hottest pics of Rihanna that I have ever seen. Did I mention that she bears it all????? More Pics after the jump…