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Batman vs. Wikileaks

This has to be the easiest detailed analysis that we have ever done. And although nobody can beat batman, Wikileaks wins this fight.

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The Porsche Hideout

Move over batman, this Porsche hideout is waaaaayyyyy cooler than the batcave!!

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New Batman: Dark Knight Poster

Here’s the new poster for the new Batman movie Dark Knight coming out on July 18, 2008. Truly Beautiful.

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Batman vs Ironman, Who would win – A detailed analysis?

Who would win in a fight between Batman vs Ironman. After much thought and careful detailed analysis, I’ve chosen a winner. Before we begin, we all know that Batman is in the DC universe and Ironman is in the Marvel universe. Who cares! I just want to see them fight. So here is an article on who wins, based of course on a detailed analysis of many factors.