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Apple’s First Android App is “Move to iOS”

In a very bold move to it stick to Android, Apple decided that their first Android ap is going to be “Move to iOS“, an app that allows Android users to easily jump ship, and move to iOS by moving most of their data to iOS. While Google is trying to make useful apps like Google Maps and Gmail on iPhone in hopes that iOS users will switch over because of their apps, Apple is getting straight to the point: getting Android users to switch over!

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Hands-on review of the transparent iPhone 7

Our awesome blog got selected by Apple to view the brand new iPhone 7 ahead of other more credible news outlets like Time magazine and Engaget. We were the only news outlet to test-drive the transparent iPhone 7. Then the engineers at Apple told us to not take pictures. Hah! We took pics and made a commercial. Check out the pics below and view the commercial after…

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The Top 5 Apple Commercials of All-Time

Under the leadership of Steve Jobs, Apple has created some really amazing commercials that have inspired us and made us think. The following are the top 5 apple commercials of all-time

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Pics of the white and black iPhone 4

Now that the white iPhone 4 has been released by Apple, there are hundreds of sites comparing the black and white iPhone 4. Well, in order to make things easier for you, we are porviding side-by-side comparisons of the black and white iPhone 4. You’re welcome..

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Promotional Pics of the new iPhone4

new apple iphone 4 Here are some of Apple’s promotional pics of the brand new iPhone4. So far, it looks awesome… new apple iphone 4 More Pics after the jump…

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New Transparent iPhone 4G concept

Now I know that there are a lot of transparent iPhone concepts out there but some are just cooler than others. Case in point, this concept of the new transparent iPhone 4G. This is the coolest iPhone 4G concept that I’ve seen so far on the internet. I love the transparent aspect. But it does look bigger than the current iPhone 3g.

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Steve Jobs poster made entirely out of Apple product icons

If you love Apple products, chances are that you adore Steve Jobs. Well, Apple-loving nerds got together and created a poster of Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, made entirely out of icons Apple product icons!!! I have to say that it is quite impressive!!