Story of My Life & Expos Fitted


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For the longest time now, this site has been making fun of Canadian rappers. Particularly Montreal rappers because they seem to be putting out the most crap. I used to think that all rap music coming out of Montreal sucked. But I was recently introduced to two really good rap songs from two different Montreal rappers: Full Course and Magnum 357. Full Course’s Story Of My Life is melodic and refreshing while Magnum 357’s Expos Fitted might be the most catchy song I’ve heard all year. If all Montreal rappers sounded as good as these two, I’ll have to stop hating on Montreal Rappers… Check out their videos below.


  1. Agreed! Where can i hear more from magnum?

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  2. These songs are trash why is Montreal coming out with 90’s type tracks in the year 2010 can they get with the times and be current

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  3. Montreal rap is pure garbage. the only good rap in Canada is from T.O.

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  4. Who thinks this is rap?
    Pretty Stupid and I mean Stupid Stupid not Stupid hot.
    Montreal Rap is like saying Chinese Basketball, sure there’s like 1 or 2 dudes out there but thazit.
    Yo, Magnum? uh no Full Course? sure but only because compared to Magnum guy, BTW the name
    says it all I think. Magnum 357= I go no skillz so git a hardcore name. There are some good rappers
    in tha 514 no doubt, but these 2? What about Narcy? That guy actually a good rapper why no mention?
    Seems like that same ol same ol on y’all’s part.
    Gimme yo Burger!

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