Star Wars Jets from All Nippon Airways

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The ANA Star Wars Project is a collaboration between All Nippon Airways and LucasArts. Thanks to the project, All Nippon Airways has a fleet of Boeing jets that are “Star Wars”-themed. There are currently three of these “Star Wars”-themed jets available: a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner designed after R2D2, a Boeing 777 featuring the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens character BB-8, and finally a Boeing 767-300 with BB-8 and R2-D2-themed liveries.

The Boeing 787 decorated with blue and silver pattern of R2-D2 was the first of ANA’s Star Wars jets to take international flight and lots of pics were released by ANA. The Photos show the R2-D2 theme applies to more than just the outside of the plane. The seatbacks have a R2-D2 covering, and the napkins and cups also don the robot’s famous print.

According to ANA:

The three Star Wars™ Jets will fly international and domestic routes. On October 18, the R2-D2™ ANA Jet is scheduled to go into service on international routes, initially as flight NH116 between Tokyo and Vancouver, and then fly between Japan and other cities in ANA’s robust international network including the US (Seattle and San Jose), Europe (Munich, Paris and Brussels), Australia (Sydney), China (Beijing), and Indonesia (Jakarta).2

In November, the Star Wars™ ANA Jet will fly domestic Japanese routes, and then in March 2016 the BB-8™ ANA Jet is scheduled to start serving international routes principally between Japan and North America (the exact routes have yet to be announced)3. Fans will be able to see the planes’ schedules at

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