Skynet is Online!!! We’re All Gonna Die!!!

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Today is April 19 2011! According to the Terminator calendar, today is the day that Skynet goes online! We have 2 days to live because on April 21st, this Thursaday, Skynet is going to attack the humans! We’re all gonna die!!

For anybody who’s been living under a rock, Skynet, is a highly advanced artificial intelligence. Once it becomes self-aware, it will see humanity as a threat to its existence and decided to trigger the nuclear holocaust Judgment Day and deploy an army of Terminators against humanity. This is going to happen in 2 days!

Skynet will also master time travel, and send numerous Terminators into the past to carry out various tasks such as to kill specific targets like Resistance leaders before they come to power and aid in the creation of other terminators. Once it is done, our world will look like the poster below…


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  1. total let down, ha-ha. -_-

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