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So, Big M and I were discussing the article describing a car that sells for $2500. While it’s a financially-appealing idea, it is remarkably short-sighted in terms of the environment. If we make billions more dirty little cars so that everybody and their grandmother can afford them, then we’ll escalate the (already massive) planetary damage. From a planetary survival point of view, it would make more sense to try to create cheap electric (or something) cars. And this is when I remembered a news report I saw several months ago on burning water. I haven’t really had time to think through the implications (but I’ve seen remarks/concerns about “perpetual motion” and power output). And I haven’t thought about how much water we actually have on the planet if we all start burning it… Even so, it’s an interesting report:

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  1. It’s a great video. Too bad that this nice innocent man will probably die from a “freak accident”. The oil companies are powerful enough to make this man disappear. People like this man is their enemy. The big oil companies made the electric car disappear. They can make this man disappear. Watch out, buddy!

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