Rolling Stone’s 100 Greatest Guitar Songs

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The problem with Rolling Stone is that they can’t stop living in the ancient past. For example, they released a list of the 100 Greatest Guitar (Rock) Songs which suggests that no one has written a decent guitar song in at least 15 years. Somehow, the Allman Brothers Band’s “Statesboro Blues” comes in at number 9. Right, so very old people like these songs. I can deal with that. At least Nirvana comes in at number 10. And this is one of the most recent songs on the list. Sigh. Anyway, I thought I would collect some guitar songs that should have been noticed, if the writers/editors of Rolling Stone could see past their thick glasses.

The Raveonettes – Love in a Trashcan

Seether – Remedy

Dandy Warhols – Bohemian Like You

Buckcherry – Lit Up

My Chemical Romance – Famous Last Words

Really. It only took a few minutes to think of these songs. There’s lots more. The dinosaurs at RS just need to get out of their rocking chairs and visit the present.


  1. Dude there were a bunch of new songs on that list, but not Seether cuz Seether sucks. your uncool. hahahaha

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  2. Dear Mr Peepers.
    Have you ever seen or heard a guitar? Neither have the other douchebags at Rolling Stone. Go play with your synth loser-boy.

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