“Reflection of Mineral” house in Japan

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Leave it to the Japanese to find the best way to use a small space. Check out this building located in a densely populated district of Tokyo. The house is located at the intersection of two city streets and occupies an area of ??slightly more than 40 square meters. In fact, the building area is even smaller – about 30 square meters. Created by architect Yashuhiro Yamashita, this building looks like a big tourist van from far.

Its known as “Reflection of Mineral” because of the angular shape of the building and the play between light and reflection inside and out. Perhaps the architect was influenced by the art of origami, the traditional Japanese art form in which, as in the case of this Tokyo home, unexpected creases and folds combined with a relatively flat and smooth surface. On the first floor, you’ll find the living room, pantry and a guest bathroom. On the second floor is the largest room in the building, which acts as the kitchen, dining room and living room. On the upper mezzanine there is a bathroom, enclosed in angular transparent volume and space to relax. Directly above the bathroom is a large skylight to the owner could lie in warm water and admire the stars. During the day the room is always flooded with sunlight reflected from the surface of the mirror polished stainless steel.

Each facade is different, and the holes are cleverly designed in the most difficult corners of the house. It also features the ‘plaza’, aka the carspace, which allows the owners to have an open garage to park their car..

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