I Saw The Last Airbender movie and liked it

So after seeing all these so-called critics trash the movie, I still decided that I would still see The Last Airbender. Now keep in mind that I have never seen the cartoon or read the comic books. But I still liked it!!! Sure, there were some cheezy dialogues here and there, but it was overall an enjoyable movie.

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Batman vs. Wikileaks

This has to be the easiest detailed analysis that we have ever done. And although nobody can beat batman, Wikileaks wins this fight.

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The Worst R&B Album Cover of All-Time

OK, I think that I have found the worst R&B album cover of all time! It’s from a group called the Rude Boys and the album is called Rude Awakening. The cover for this album has to be the Crappiest album cover of all-time!

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The Whopper Bar in New York City

After discovering the Pizza Burger, I also discovered the Whopper Bar in New York City! This place looks awesome! You can find some of the coolest and most original whoppers on the planet at the Whopper Bar.

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Burger King’s 2500 calories Pizza Burger! I Want One!!!

Burger King has just introduced the ‘Pizza Burger’, a 2,520-calorie covered in mozzarella, pepperoni and pesto and marinara sauce! This mega-burger/mega-pizza is only available at the Times Square Burger King Whopper Bar restaurant and costs $12.95. I want one of these bad boys!

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The single greatest minivan commercial in the history of history

This is the commercial for the Honda Odyssey called: The Van Beckons . It is the coolest commercial for a minivan ever!!! The commercial features a black minivan, explosions, fireworks, a panther, a cardboard Godzilla spiting fire, and the power of Judas Priest.? The power of Judas Priest makes the van look so BADASS!

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Story of My Life & Expos Fitted

Montreal rappers: Full Course and Magnum 357. Full Course’s Story Of My Life is melodic and refreshing while Magnum 357’s Expos Fitted might be the most catchy song I’ve heard all year. If all Montreal rappers sounded as good as these two, I’ll have to stop hating on Montreal Rappers… Check out their videos after the jump.

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Infamous 2 trailer

It’s been quite some time since I raved about a video game trailer. But this video for Infamous 2 is hella good! I love the slow motion “Matrix” effects along with the really cool music…

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