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Need Glasses? – Bowling ball vs Human head

Who would win in a fight between a bowling ball and a human head?. If you’ve ever wondered who would win this fight, then you need to check out this video.

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The best video game commercial of all time

Back in 2006, I thought that this was the best commercial for the year. Then as time went by, I came to realize that it IS the best video game commercial ever made. This commercial for Gears of War made me want to run out and buy an Xbox 360 and play the game as […]

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The Wi-Fi Detector T-Shirt

We all know that the words “cool” and “geek” are mutually exclusive. You can either be cool or geeky, but you can’t be both. Just like gravity and relativity, it’s just one of the laws of the Universe that can’t be broken. But once in a while, you can find something geeky that is also […]

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Snoop’s Sensual Seduction Music Video – It Sucks, But in Good Way

OK, I have finally found the best music video of 2007!!! It’s called Sensual Seduction by Snoop Dogg and it is absolutely brilliant!! For those of you who have not heard the new Snoop Dogg video, you can check it out here: Now I am not in the buisness of promoting music videos, but when […]

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If you don’t know me by now

An ode to beer from the guys at Amstel Beer. They’re speaking German in the commercial, but it doesn’t matter… The commercial is still funny as hell. A salute to all things manly.

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This Week?s YSYDB Award winner

Ever since my colleague, big D invented the You Suck You Dumb Bastard Award (YSYDB Award for short), I?ve thought of many candidates that deserve the award, but I?ve never given the award to anybody. That is until this weekend, during the Eagles-Patriots football game. So, without further delay, here is this week?s YSYDB award […]

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So, everybody expected my Eagles to get shredded by the Patriots. People expected to see little pieces of Eagles splattered all over the field. Instead, my Eagles decided to play football! They played their hearts out and they made me glad to be an Eagles fan! My Eagles lost, but so what! They played an […]

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Without Losers, there wouldn?t be winners

Without Losers, there wouldn?t be winners So, the spread is finally in for the Eagles-Patriots game tonight and it turns out that the Patriots are favorite to win by 22.5 points. It?s Incredible: the spread is over 3 touchdowns!!! And people are still picking the Patriots to cover the spread!! I must admit that things […]

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Bill, where’s China

So, I’m sorry for posting another FedEx-Kinkos commercial, but these guys make kick-ass commercials!! And what makes these commercials so speical is that I can relate to them… Enjoy…

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