Bear, Ninja, Hunter


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Although I kick ass at Rock, Paper Scissors, I will no longer be playing. Instead, I have moved on to a more mature version of the popular game. That’s right, I now play Ninja, Bear, Hunter. The rules are quite simple:

  • Ninja kills Hunter
  • Hunter shoots Bear
  • Bear eats Ninja

Here is how the game is played:
The game starts when you put your back to your opponent. After shouting “Bear! Hunter! Ninja! GO!” in unison, you and your partner hop up and whip around with both hands either held high above your head (Bear), holding an imaginary rifle (Hunter), or in mid-karate chop (Ninja).

The crazy part about it is that I think that this game was actually created by the people at FedEx

For a demonstration of the game, you can check out the informative video below:

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  1. Everyone should be playing this game!!! It’s like the new cronuts lol lol

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