NFL referees are morons (?)

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I’m watching Dallas play the Redskins, and I’m beginning to wonder if the NFL referees have started taking stupid pills.  Maybe there was a sale during the off-season.  At least Ed Hochuli admitted his mistake (although I’m sure the Charger fans aren’t remarkably satisfied).  Then, during Miami’s blow out of New England, the referee blew the whistle early to negate a touch-down run by Cassel (premature blowing seems to be a symptom of the referee’s problems).  During today’s Jets victory over Arizona, the referee called a 15 yd facemask (no other kind these days) when the defense mearly held the jersey.  And during a Cowboy’s run-back, a blatant face mask was ignored.  Blind, stupid, malevolent or compulsive gamblers.  I don’t know and I don’t care.  In their defense, football is a fast game (especially if your eyes are shut and you’re dumber than a bag of rocks).  I have a suggestion.  Fire all these morons and hire the CFL referees.  They’d appreciate the pay increase and do a much better job.  NFL referees:  You Suck, You Dumb Bastards.
Maybe the NFL should hire these guys.


  1. Wow big D. You sure sound like an angry Patriots fan. Have you considered counseling? There are people out there who can help you 🙂

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  2. Moron.

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  3. Ooh. Looks like the sale is still on. Week 5:
    Titans-Ravens – I didn’t know an offensive false-start could be ignored so the refs could call a highly disputed roughing-the-passer call. Allowing the Titans to extend the game winning drive. Clever.
    Saints-Vikings – I didn’t know you could twist a player’s face mask in order to induce a fumble, and then not have a face-mask call. Say you’re sorry Hochuli. It’s almost funny.

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  4. the refs totally sucked today in the steeler /browns game. maybe if i wake up tomorrow they will review the fumble that was a fumble. or maybe not. refs getting paid to give cleveland the game, everyone knows that.
    NFL refs , You Totally suck worse than the replacements !!! shame on you !!! You should be fired !! I’m totally upset with your performance today. And more so, you couldnt even call the right play in the saints game. Who’s paying you off !!!

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