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Microwave ovens are cool.? Anything that has the potential, in theory, to corrupt our DNA and turn us into fire snorting mutants or super-powered malevolents is cool.? In theory. But yesterday, my girlfriend showed me something truly cool (and remarkably practical) about microwave ovens.? I would have guessed that most of you already know this information; but, so far, 100% of the men I asked (2 – including myself) have been amazed.? Yes, I understand that? men are ignorant of the universe.? If you’re a woman and you are thinking this, you should refer to the articles under “Women are bad news”.? You know who you are. For some reason, I spent a large part of yesterday obsessing over egg McMuffins.? Of course, they’re great, but I figured that they could be better.? Some hungarian salami and swiss cheese (and corona on the side) could elevate the McMuffin to mythical/Beowulf status.? While the salami and cheese seemed relatively easy to “cook” (unwrapping is sufficient) the egg part troubled me.? Of course, I can cook scrambled eggs (often without fire-service support), but shaping “over-easy” is a little more challenging.? Then my girlfriend suggested that I microwave that sucker in a “little plastic tray”.? I was skeptical (and I certainly don’t have any little *&#$ing plastic trays) but it seemed like an intriguing idea.? She assured me that people have been microwaving eggs for centuries and that it is very safe.? So I poured the egg into a coffee? cup and my girlfriend immediately stirred it into yellow paste.? Of course, I was horrified – I wanted to keep the egg intact for purity, but she’s a nice girl, so I let it go.? It turns out that it was a really good idea to stir it, since leaving the yolk intact can cause it to EXPLODE(!).? Cool. We nuked it for 60 seconds (but I think 45 would have been enough) and the result was brilliant.? Since it was in a round coffee cup, it was perfectly shaped for a muffin (and exactly the same shape as the salami).? It tasted good too. None of you will admit it, but I’m guessing you’re all figuring out how to pick up eggs before you get home.

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  1. I tried it out.
    I mixed the egg with pepper and milk,
    Popped it into my microwave for 60 seconds,
    it EXPLODED after 45 seconds…

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