LaDanian Tomlinson’s LT Electric Glide Video

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Now I know that 2010 has just begun, but this video is already a strong contender for best video of the year! The song is LT Electric Glide and it was created by LaDanian Tomlinson and Nike. This is the greatest thing I? have ever seen in my entire life. Every NFL fan should watch this video, paricularly if you are a Chargers fan. This is the best video that I have seen in months. and this is comming from an Eagles fan!! I move my hips.. Towards another six.. LMAO HIT THAT HOLE!! HIT THAT HOLE!! CHALLENGE THAT CALL!! LT STYLE ELECTRIC GLIDE!!!? MC Hammer should be jealous..

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  1. LOL! I just watched it again. this video is so bad that it’s? awesome!!

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