Knight Rider lives on with the new KITT car

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New Knight Rider's KITT During the annual San Diego Comic-Con geekfest, NBC’s new Knight Rider TV show was being advertised. And what better way to advertise it than to show the latest version of KITT. For those who don’t know, KITT was the coolest car of the Eighties. He could talk, he could jump and he had the coolest driver: Michael Knight aka David Hasselhoff. Check out pics of the new KITT. And for you losers out there who don’t know the original Knight Rider, a bonus shot of the old KITT and the Hoff is provided. New Knight Rider's KITT New Knight Rider's KITT New Knight Rider's KITT Old Knight Rider KITT and David Hasselhoff Photographs by Dave Bjerke/NBC, except for the last pic of the KITT and the HOFF!

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