KFC Double Down Dog: Epic Hot Dog


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When I think about KFC, I definitely don’t think about hot dogs. That’s why it was shocking to find out that KFC in the Philippines just released the KFC Double Down Dog. KFC North America, what are you waiting for???? If you remember a couple of years ago, KFC released the Double Down. The original Double Down was two chicken breast buns topped with bacon and cheese on the inside. The Double Down Dog goes a step further by replacing the bacon with a hot dog bun!

This new version of the double down is expected to be so popular in the Philippines that the KFC franchises that are selling it are limited to 50 Double Down Dogs a day. Below are a few promo shots of this ingenious creation. Can’t wait to see what the actual product looks like…

kfc-double-down-dog-official kfc-double-down-dog-preview kfc-double-down-dog-promo kfc-double-down-dog-promo-2 kfc-double-down-dog-sold-out

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