Idle Thoughts in the 4th Quarter

The Sports Rant

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Man I’m tired.? I need a brewsky.? F*ing games should be reduced to 30 minutes.? It’s over by halftime anyway.? I should probably pull pretty-boy at some time.? Ah, F*ck it, the offensive line is killing them.? And Cassels probably hasn’t figured out how to put on his pads again.? I don’t like our opponents.? F*ck all the other teams.? And f*ck the commissioner.? Like everyone else doesn’t collect information on the defense.? We got caught.? Right.? F*cking Jets.? Can’t wait to play them again.? 4 quarters, baby.? 124-0.? Then I shake that F*ckers hand.? Oh yeah.? That’ll be sweet.? 4th down?? Do we even have a field goal kicker?? F*ck that.? Just go for it.? The score’s much nicer when it’s divisible by 7.? Maybe we should only go for 2 point conversions from now on.? That’ll p*ss off the press.? F*ck them too.? F*ck everyone who doesn’t like the Patriots.? Who are these losers betting on?? The Steelers?? What a joke.? F*cking refs.? The other teams should hire better players instead of trying to buy the calls.? F*cking Colts had more money than these losers.? Those b*stards need to keep winning so I can motivate my guys.? F*cking Shula.? No one really cares about a perfect season.? We just wanna kick some *ss.? It’s finally over.? Time to ignore the press.

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