I Saw The Last Airbender movie and liked it

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So after seeing all these so-called critics trash the movie, I still decided that I would still see The Last Airbender movie. Now keep in mind that I have never seen the cartoon or read the comic books. But I still liked it!!! Sure, there were some cheezy dialogues here and there, but it was overall an enjoyable movie. I thought that I was a total loser but it turns out there many people out there that like the movie. This proves once again that movie critics suck ass!! I really hope that M. Night Shyamalan makes a sequal to the Last Airbender.



  1. Me and my eight year old son watched the last airbender movie. I liked it. My son is a fan of the original animated series and he loved it too. I have to say it is just about as true to the source material as one can reasonably hope for. Frankly I am perplexed as hell by all the negative rap this movie gets. I mean its based off of a kids cartoon series what do people expect? It damn sure kept my attention better than alice in wonderland. I hope we get a decent sequel.

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  2. wee, i guess your son is an idiot like you. crappy script, lousy pacing, boring action, deadpan acting. yeah, the movie sucked. then again, some people just like ugly women.

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