I can’t believe it: Beyonc? is leaving me to marry Jay-Z!

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Beyonc? is leaving me for Jay-Z

(Back Off Jay-Z. Beyonc? is Mine)

According to People magazine, Beyonc? and Jay-Z filed a marriage license in Scarsdale Village, N.Y. on April Fools day. The person that gave the magazine this information claims that the document is valid for 60 days. After that, they would have to reapply for the license again…
Dear Beyonc? :
NOT COOL Beyonc?, NOT COOL. You should’ve at least told me this information face to face. Instead, I had to find out from People magazine like everybody else. I thought that we had something special. I thought that you agreed to leave Jay-Z for me. Granted that I am not as talented, rich or powerful as he is. But I had one thing on my side: I had love! I thought that love conquered all!
Beyonc?, I hope that this is just a really bad April Fools joke. Maybe you are mad at me for something stupid that I did. There’s all kinds of rumors out there on the Web that you will be getting married on April 4. I choose to ignore all these rumors and to once again play my special Song for you: Every Breath You take by The Police..
Call me…

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