How Ugly is the 2016 Toyota Prius?


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So, we are currently doing a poll at ESBU. Our poll question is “how Ugly is the new 2016 Prius?” Notice that we are not asking you if you think that the new Prius is ugly, we are asking you how ugly do you think it is? As one person put it: do Prius owners asked for an uglier car ? Or is it just the way Toyota makes cars ?

I understand that not everyone has the same tastes, but this car will go down in history as being one of the ugliest cars ever created. It will share the podium with the Pontiac Aztec, Youbian Puma, and it’s twin, the Toyota Mirai. Message to Toyota Executives: “We know the Prius is ugly, but how can we make it look even uglier and less appealing to our market audience?”

So go ahead, tell us just how ugly the new 2016 Prius is…

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  1. It is the opposite of beauty in all areas. If this is the best selling hybrid in the world why make it ugly? Just think if it was a good looking car how many more cars they would sell..

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  2. Yes you’re right Toyota sucks big time..And it’s not just this Prius or Mirai. Seriously, corolla camry aqua, caldina, spacio,,,probox bullshit , and so much more to the list…. I’m sorry i dont get a hang of the designs toyota makes …. for me their engineerings sucks the shit because they are shit dumb head freaks….they dont know what the hell is a DESIGN of an automobile…Making pregnant cars doesnt make them look nicer rather screwed up boxes on wheels..

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  3. I have a 2nd gen Prius and it is one one the most reliable cars I have ever owned!
    It’s getting up in the mileage and the wife and I have been contemplating upgrading to a new one. “Maybe we’ll get a 2016” we said in 2014. Well, it’s 2016 and boy are we upset! I’m going to be blunt here, the 2016 Prius is THE ugliest freakin car Toyota has ever put out. It’s like a Ford Focus ate a Pontiac Aztec and pooped out a Prius. C’mon guys, as a 25 year mechanic ,I’ve always raved to my clients how well built Prius’s are. But reliable or not, who the heck would want to be seen in the new model?? I hope and I pray that this is just the “ugly year” for Prius’s and they change the look to something better in the years to come. Good job Toyota, you just ruined a car that was in my opinion the single greatest car ever built.

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  4. I’ll take the new hyunadai ioniq any day over this ugly duckling. It looks hideous, I would not be caught dead in it.

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  5. I’m a big Prius fan but this model is so ugly I can’t bring myself to buy a new one. I’ll wait for the next model and see if there is an improvement.

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