Hands-on review of the transparent iPhone 7

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So, because of our status of awesomeness and the fact that we invented the league of awesome, the ESBU team got to have the first offical hands-on review of the all-new transparent iPhone 7 which has still not been released to the general public. That’s right! Our awesome blog got selected by Apple to view the brand new iPhone 7 ahead of other more credible news outlets like Time magazine and Engaget. We were the only news outlet to test-drive the transparent iPhone 7. Then the engineers at Apple told us to not take pictures. Hah! We took pics and made a commercial. Check out the pics below and view the commercial after…

transparent-iphone-7-hands-on-1 transparent-iphone-7-hands-on-2 transparent-iphone-7-hands-on-3 transparent-iphone-7-hands-on-4 transparent-iphone-7-hands-on-5 transparent-iphone-7-hands-on-6 transparent-iphone-7-hands-on-7 transparent-iphone-7-hands-on-8 transparent-iphone-7-hands-on-9


  1. When is it in market

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    • LoL! Never. this is not a real phone

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  2. prise?

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