Everybody Sucks

The Sports Rant

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I remember when the Broncos would always win at home. I don’t remember any complaints about running up the score or excessive celebrations. And now look at them.? They think they’ve salvaged their season?? I don’t think so. I think they suck.? Bad. So does Roethlisberger. He might be considered adequate, playing for a team with great defense and a HUGE running game. But anywhere else, he’d be serving Gatorade to the real players. He’ll bring the Steelers down. In fact, pretty much everybody sucks. Dallas has beaten a few loser teams, but whines way too much to be taken seriously. The Giant haven’t imploded (yet). Miami has pushed one of my friends to the edge. The Eagles’ incompetence makes my few remaining friends cry like little girls. It’s not pretty. Green Bay might be all right, but will probably fold in the playoffs. The NFC is a joke. The Chiefs are a joke. San Diego should pull it together in time to get crushed in the playoffs. Crushed. The Ravens make me so mad, I could beat my head through a police-car windshield. I know how the Bears fans feel. Houston can’t stop the suckage. How is it possible to suck for so long and never pick up any decent players? Even the Lions and the Bengals don’t suck all the time. ? It just seems that way. Of course, the Jets don’t suck. Everybody else is cheating.

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