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I went to see Beowulf over the weekend.? It wasn’t bad, but I expected so much more.? In theory, it had more than enough elements to make it an instant classic.
  • Neil Gaiman is a genius
  • A digital and improved (if possible) Angelina Jolie appears naked?
  • Cool graphics (that seemed much more interesting in the previews)
  • Heck, even the original poem is pretty darn cool (for a poem)?
While I enjoyed the movie, it felt too much like a break scene in an X-box? video game.? I give it a 7. One of the previews was for a movie that might be called “Cloverfield” (or “1-18-08” – which? seems bloody unlikely, or “Monstrous”) by JJ Abrams.? As far as I can tell, this trailer’s been around since June/July.? Basically, something big attacks/crashes into New York (possibly not the most politically correct storyline, but what can you do).? The action is filmed using personal recorders (like Blair Witch) and, of course, we never get to see the Monster.? So, many people already have theories about the movie’s premise:
  • Godzilla (I sincerely hope not)
  • Mothra (I’m ashamed to admit that this was what I thought while watching the preview)
  • Transformers 2 (Seems a little early)
  • Giant robot (How clever)
  • Parasites (That would really suck)
Of course, I would prefer that the enemy turns out to be one or more Lovecraftian creatures, but this is probably too much to expect (and don’t even start talking about Stephen King’s “The Mist” – that’s gonna suck bad; worse than parasites).? In fact, if movies/shows like “Blair Witch” and “Lost” have taught us anything, it’s that a) Marketting works and b) Never answer questions. With this in mind, I expect that Mr. Abrams will release this movie without a title.? And the monster(s) will never be seen. We’ll get to see the initial impact and LOTS of smoke.? All the people recording the event will die (but leave their cameras? somehow completely intact).? And none of them will have recorded anything more than smoke and other scared people.

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