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Everybody knows how much we love small and funky houses at ESBU. So that’s why we instantly fell in love with this triangle house in Horinouchi, Japan. Mizuishi Architect Atelier has designed and built this amazing and very efficient house called “River Side House“. Although the house looks like a small little house, its a different story once you step inside..

The inspiration behind this house was trying to maintain a stable and lasting relationship between those who live in the house and the river itself. Because of its location, special licenses were granted for the construction of this building. The housing is adapted to the plot ending at an acute angle, explaining its odd triangular shape. The hip roof was designed to comply with regulations regarding the height, thereby maximizing interior space. This has been divided into smaller spaces each with a specific function. The divisions , however, have been made ??using curtains or sliding glass doors, allowing you to tailor the interior to the needs of their citizens at all times, opting for an open floor if they wish. The top floor has been designed for a multipurpose room. It is accessed via a staircase located in the dining room and kitchen. Part of this floor has high ceilings and spaciousness enhancing it and giving space to stay in a Loft conception.

Photos © Hiroshi Tanigawa.

Horinouchi-House-ideasgn2-Mizuishi-Architect-Atelier Horinouchi-House-ideasgn3-Mizuishi-Architect-Atelier Horinouchi-House-ideasgn4-Mizuishi-Architect-Atelier Horinouchi-House-ideasgn5-Mizuishi-Architect-Atelier Horinouchi-House-ideasgn6-Mizuishi-Architect-Atelier Horinouchi-House-ideasgn7-Mizuishi-Architect-Atelier Horinouchi-House-ideasgn8-Mizuishi-Architect-Atelier Horinouchi-House-ideasgn9-Mizuishi-Architect-Atelier Horinouchi-House-ideasgn10-Mizuishi-Architect-Atelier (1) Horinouchi-House-ideasgn10-Mizuishi-Architect-Atelier Horinouchi-House-ideasgn11-Mizuishi-Architect-Atelier Horinouchi-House-ideasgn12-Mizuishi-Architect-Atelier Horinouchi-House-ideasgn13-Mizuishi-Architect-Atelier Horinouchi-House-ideasgn14-Mizuishi-Architect-Atelier Horinouchi-House-ideasgn15-Mizuishi-Architect-Atelier Horinouchi-House-ideasgn16-Mizuishi-Architect-Atelier Horinouchi-House-ideasgn17-Mizuishi-Architect-Atelier Horinouchi-House-ideasgn18-Mizuishi-Architect-Atelier Horinouchi-House-ideasgn19-Mizuishi-Architect-Atelier Horinouchi-House-ideasgn-Mizuishi-Architect-Atelier

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