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Beyonce’s House of Dereon photo shoot

beyonce house of dereon Everybody already knows that my girlfriend Beyonce is hot hot hot! Now, I’m going to prove it once again with the latest pics from my girlfriend, Beyonce’s House of Dereon photo shoot. You’re welcome. beyonce house of dereon More after the jump…

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Jay-Z and Beyonce at the whitehouse

Jay-Z and Beyonce at Whitehouse Wow! I am only hating on Jay-Z more and more. First, he steals my girlfriend, Beyonce. And now he is taking pictures at the Whitehouse. sigh.. Jay-Z and Beyonce at Whitehouse

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Rihanna’s GQ Magazine photo shot

Since all you readers out there seem to love our Rihanna posts, here are the latest pics from Rihanna’s GQ magazine photoshoot. you’re welcome..

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Megan Fox Armani Lingerie Photo Shoot

Megan Fox For Armani Lingerie As we have told you many times before on this site, Megan Fox is hot! Well, she is now the face of Armani Lingerie. Check out more pics from Megan Fox’s photo shoot below.. Megan Fox For Armani Lingerie Click to view more…

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Lego Mistress

We don’t know if this is real or not, but it sure is cool. For all you weirdos with fantasies about Lego women, here is the Lego Mistress. It was forwarded to us by a buddy of ours so we dont know if its real or not… Click here for more picks…

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Marge Simpson Bears It All for Playboy

So, the big news this week is that Marge Simpson will be the cover girl for the November 2009 issue of Playboy. Although many of you are shocked at this announcement, we are not! Our ESBU investigators have investigated Marge Simpson and we’ve realized that it was only a matter of time before Marge Simpson posed for Playboy. From her girl-on-girl kisses to her sexy poses for Maxim magazine.

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Megan Fox Loves Star Wars

megan fox loves star wars Nerds rejoice! Thanks to this photo of meagan Fox in a Star Wars t-shirt, there is still hope for us! Did I mention that she is smoking hot? And even hotter with a Star Wars t-shirt?

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Megan Fox vs Meagan Good

meagan good is hot Ok, I have to admit that Megan Fox is increadibly hot!! But because of her incredible hotness, people are starting to forget the other incredibly hot Meagan: Meagan Good. So, as a public service announcement, ESBU is reminding you of the other hot Meagan. Once again, you’re welcome!

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