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Eizo’s X-Ray Calendar

This amazing pinup calendar by Eizo features 12 amazing X-Ray pictures that are quite stunning! It reveals just enough to keep you guessing. Below are all 12 images of Eizo’s X-Ray Calendar. More pics after the jump

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Babes of the 2010 World Cup

We all know that the FIFA World Cup is as much a celebration of Soccer Babes as it is a celebrtion of Soccer itself. So, to help kickoff the soccer celebrations of the World Cup, Sports Illustrated has done a terrifice photo shoot of 4 soccer babes from 4 soccer countries. The photo shoot features Sarah Brandner for Germany, Abigail Clancy for England, Bethany Dempsey for USA and Melissa Satta for Italy .These babes will be presented each day until the start of the World Cup. We leave it up to you to chose the winner…

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The Game Controller T-Shirt

the game controller t-shirt This is definitely an interesting t-shirt…. It gives a whole new meaning to joystick…

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The Rice-Growing Bra From Japan

Japan Rice Growing Bra Triumph International, known for making some pretty weird bras has created the “Grow-Your-Own-Rice bra”. The bra, which transforms into a rice growing kit, allows the wearer to cultivate rice anytime, anywhere. In other words: The bra actually grows rice!!! The bra, made of recyclable plastic, can be tied together to create pots that also double as the cups. These are then filled with soil, and rice seedlings, that are watered through a hose that also doubles as a belt that goes around the wearer’s waist. The bra also comes with gardening gloves. Check out the pics below… Japan Rice Bra More pics after the jump,,

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Paris Hilton’s new Pink Bentley

Paris Hilton new pink bentley Sigh! It must be nice to rich.. Here are pics of Paris Hilton’s brand new Bentley. It’s pink ………. everywhere!!!!! Paris Hilton new pink bentley Paris Hilton new pink bentley

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