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Really Cool Pokemon Hybrids

With the Pokemon craze that happened this summer, we were still shocked to find that there are still some cool stuff being dong with Pokemon these days. For example, take these pictures Mechanized Pokemon hybrids from framewars. You gotta love it…

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Lego Black Ops

I got to say that it’s so freakin’ awesome !! This one of the best lego movies i’ve ever seen.

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Infamous 2 trailer

It’s been quite some time since I raved about a video game trailer. But this video for Infamous 2 is hella good! I love the slow motion “Matrix” effects along with the really cool music…

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Cartoon Anatomy

Thanks to the wonderful work of graphic artist freeny, one of the mysteries of our universe can be solved: cartoon anatomy. Thanks to Freeny’s work, we can finally understand what the inside of many pop icons might look like. He has designed the anatomy of popular video game characters, movies, cartoons and TV shows.

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Dante’s Inferno ‘Go To Hell’ Commercial

At ESBU, we love epic sh**! That’s why we absolutely fell in love with is commercial for the game Dante’s Inferno. What makes this commercial so awesome? Everything!!! The song is awesome! The scenery is awesome! The action is awesome. And its amazing to see the contrast between the gloomy song in the background while watching Dante smash his enemies to pieces. If the game is anything like the commercial, Dante’s Inferno will be awesome!

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Another great commercial for Gears of War

Now, this new commercial is nowhere near as good as the first Gears of War commercial, which I still consider to be the greatest video game commercial of all time. But it is still better than most video game commercials that you will see out there…

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The Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 Jesus Shot is REAL!

About a year ago, a fanatic of Electronic Art’s « PGA Tour 2008 » posted a YouTube video showing that Tiger woods could walk on water in the video game. The fan, Levinator25, was quite proud of himself for discovering this bug. Then tiger decided to prove him wrong…

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Max Payne Movie Posters

So, yesterday, I mentioned the new Max Payne movie coming out in October and starring Mark Walberg. Well, here is an official movie poster for the movie. Maybe I was wrong because they look kinda cool… There are 2 more after the jump. Mark Walberg as Max Payne movie poster

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