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“The Walking Dead’s” Maggie (Lauren Cohan) poses for Shape Magazine

It was a pleasant surprise to see The Walking Dead‘s Maggie (Lauren Cohan) on the cover of Shape Magazine. She is a beautiful woman who is in excellent shape! “The Walking Dead” star is on the cover of the January/February issue of Shape magazine showing off her fit physique and dishes about her healthy-living lifestyle.

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Netfilx’s Daredevil: Simsonized

Adrien Noterdaem delivers another impressive piece of work with is rendition on Netflix’s very awesome series, Daredevil. He has taken the time to design 3 variations of Matt Murdock, aka: Daredevil and all three versions match exactly the version that we saw in the Netfilx series.

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Game of Thrones characters: Simsonized

Artist Adrien Noterdaem created a series of images of popular Game of Thrones characters, in Simson form! This is an incredibly cool collection of all the characters and I was really disappointed to see that Eddard Stark was not in the list. But My favorite by far has to be Tywin Lannister looking very similar to Mr. Burns…

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LOST Babes

Now that the historic TV show LOST has ended, many of us LOST fans are starting to have LOST withdrawl symptom. So, in order to help us remember the beauty of LOST, we here is a collection of the LOST babes. This gallery, courtesy of funtasticus. More Pics after the jump…

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Cool Facts About The Simpsons

Love The Simpsons? Then you’re going to love these cool facts about the Simpsons! Yup! ESBU is back with a post about the most famous family on television: The Simpsons!

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Cartoon Anatomy

Thanks to the wonderful work of graphic artist freeny, one of the mysteries of our universe can be solved: cartoon anatomy. Thanks to Freeny’s work, we can finally understand what the inside of many pop icons might look like. He has designed the anatomy of popular video game characters, movies, cartoons and TV shows.

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Marge Simpson Bears It All for Playboy

So, the big news this week is that Marge Simpson will be the cover girl for the November 2009 issue of Playboy. Although many of you are shocked at this announcement, we are not! Our ESBU investigators have investigated Marge Simpson and we’ve realized that it was only a matter of time before Marge Simpson posed for Playboy. From her girl-on-girl kisses to her sexy poses for Maxim magazine.

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The craziest motorcyle jump ever!!

This is a truly badass commercial from Red Bull showing Robbie Maddison’s crazy las Vegas jump for Red Bull. It is the craziest motorcycle stunt I have ever seen…

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Transformers: The War Within – Animated Comic Video

A couple of years ago, Dreamwave productions came up with some very very good Transformers comic books. Then, some very creative guys decided to turn the comic books into an animated comic video. So in preparation for the upcoming Transformers movie this summer, here is the Transformers animated comic video.

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