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Star Wars Jets from All Nippon Airways

The ANA Star Wars Project is a collaboration between All Nippon Airways and LucasArts. Thanks to the project, All Nippon Airways has a fleet of Boeing jets that are “Star Wars”-themed. There are currently three of these “Star Wars”-themed jets available

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Back to the Future’s Nike Air Mags are Here!!!

Well today is October 22 2015, which makes it offically “Back to the Future” day. To celebrate this important date in nerd history, Nike is releasing Marty McFly’s self-lacing, light-up sneakers from “Back to the Future” to the public. That’s right! Nike has created the real-life self-lacing shoe from the movie. The shoes are known […]

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My Mercedes S63 AMG Coupe Diamond Edition from Mansory

So I decided to upgrade my Mercedes AMG Coup and who better to do it for me than the good folks at Mansory? I told them “Pimp my Ride” and here is what they gave me in return: The AMG Coupe Diamond Edition! Let’s talk about the upgrade… We’ll start with the technical stuff first and talk about the more subjective areas like interior and exterior design for later.

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Check out my brand new Lamborghini Sesto Elemento

This car is so awesome that it's not even legal to drive it on the street! It has no airbags or other safety requirements needed for legal use on roads in the U.S. or Europe. But who cares, do you know how many hot chicks I will pick up with this car???? Check out pics of my brand new  Lamborghini Sesto Elemento, courtesy of…

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Steve Nash Toyota Commercials

I love Steve Nash’s sense of humour! So when I discovered these commercials he made for Toyota Canada, I had to share..

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The single greatest minivan commercial in the history of history

This is the commercial for the Honda Odyssey called: The Van Beckons . It is the coolest commercial for a minivan ever!!! The commercial features a black minivan, explosions, fireworks, a panther, a cardboard Godzilla spiting fire, and the power of Judas Priest.? The power of Judas Priest makes the van look so BADASS!

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The Chocolate Covered Porsche

Behold! The Chocoloate covered Porsche. I don’t know why you would want to do this, but it sure is awesome. A chocolate covered Porsche is definitely on my list of things to buy before I die.. I wonder if the chocolate flies out if you drive it on the road.

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Traffic Genius

After being stuck in traffic for well over an hour, I realized that nothing sucks more than traffic! That was until I witnessed the traffic genius above.

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Ferrari vs. freight train

ferrari vs freight train Ever wondered what would happen if a Ferrari and freight train faced off? Well so did the owner of the Ferrari above. Sadly, the Ferrari looses the fight.. ferrari vs freight train more Pics after the jump…

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