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Pizza Hut Online Order

For those of you who don’t know, Pizza Hut allows you to order your pizza online. And what’s even cooler is that they take special requests! Check out the pizza from the order above!

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Want to send an electronic High-Five? Then use our e-High-Five page. It works just like an e-mail!!

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Ah C’mon!!!

A bcouple of months ago, I crowed this video as the whackest rap video of all time. Well, it turns out that I was wrong. The ESBU community has actually found a whacker video! It’s called “Ah C’mon,” from Chuggo. Words cannot even begin to describe the whackness of this video. It’s so bad that I had to create a new category called Terrible Rap Videos to put it under.

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Lego Printer

It’s pretty cool and I want one…

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Traffic Genius

After being stuck in traffic for well over an hour, I realized that nothing sucks more than traffic! That was until I witnessed the traffic genius above.

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Promotional Pics of the new iPhone4

new apple iphone 4 Here are some of Apple’s promotional pics of the brand new iPhone4. So far, it looks awesome… new apple iphone 4 More Pics after the jump…

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