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Burger King Pizza Burger

Burger King’s 2500 calories Pizza Burger! I Want One!!!

Burger King has just introduced the ‘Pizza Burger’, a 2,520-calorie covered in mozzarella, pepperoni and pesto and marinara sauce! This mega-burger/mega-pizza is only available at the Times Square Burger King Whopper Bar restaurant and costs $12.95. I want one of these bad boys!

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The single greatest minivan commercial in the history of history

This is the commercial for the Honda Odyssey called: The Van Beckons . It is the coolest commercial for a minivan ever!!! The commercial features a black minivan, explosions, fireworks, a panther, a cardboard Godzilla spiting fire, and the power of Judas Priest.? The power of Judas Priest makes the van look so BADASS!

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Infamous 2 trailer

It’s been quite some time since I raved about a video game trailer. But this video for Infamous 2 is hella good! I love the slow motion “Matrix” effects along with the really cool music…

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The Chocolate Covered Porsche

Behold! The Chocoloate covered Porsche. I don’t know why you would want to do this, but it sure is awesome. A chocolate covered Porsche is definitely on my list of things to buy before I die.. I wonder if the chocolate flies out if you drive it on the road.

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19 Cool Facts about Star Wars

If you’ve been following this site for a while, then you’ll know that we think that Star Wars is the coolest trilogy ever made. So when we came across these 19 Cool Facts about Star Wars, we had to share it with the world…

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The Best Cheering up Song of All Time

Are you feeling down? Do you need some cheering up? Then this song is guaranteed to cheer you up. The song is called boobies and kittens and it may possibly be the best cheering up song of all time! Enjoy…

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40 New Logos For BP After the Oil Spill

The good folks at GreenPeace have organized a contest where people can modify the BP Logo after the Gulf Coast Oil Spill. Here are our favorite 40.

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Nokia N8 Ultimate Foosball Commercial

The following commercial by Nokia features some of the coolest tricks that I have ever seen on table football. It’s a commercial to promote Nokia’s N8 smart phone, but the real stars in this commercial are the foosball players. Check out the making-of video below…

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Captain America Costume Artwork For the Upcoming Movie

Here are some really cool pics of the Captain America costume that will be used in the upcoming Captain America movie. Honestly, I thought that there was no way to make Captain America look cool in a live action movie, but I was wrong. These pics are pretty awesome. More pics after the jump…

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