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Saltwater Burns

So, Big M and I were discussing the article describing a car that sells for $2500. While it’s a financially-appealing idea, it is remarkably short-sighted in terms of the environment. If we make billions more dirty little cars so that everybody and their grandmother can afford them, then we’ll escalate the (already massive) planetary damage. […]

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Toronto’s Smallest House is Up for Sale

So, Toronto’s smallest house is up for sale for anybody interested… This house, located near the intersection of Dufferin Street and Rogers Road is believed to be Toronto’s smallest house. Occupying what used to be a driveway, it’s a one-bedroom, one-bathroom house that sits on a parcel of land 7.25 feet (2.2 metres) wide and 113.67 feet (34.6 metres) long and has an interior area of just under 300 square feet (under 28 square metres).

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Day 1 of UFC training

After making my new years resolution to become a UFC Ultimate fighter, I was really pumped to start my training. My training for day one was supposed to be really simple: Find Chuck Norris movies and watch them! I was supposed to start training my mind and my body to become an ultimate killing machine […]

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Microwave ovens are cool.? Anything that has the potential, in theory, to corrupt our DNA and turn us into fire snorting mutants or super-powered malevolents is cool.? In theory. But yesterday, my girlfriend showed me something truly cool (and remarkably practical) about microwave ovens.? I would have guessed that most of you already know this […]

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