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Matrix Ping Pong

For those of you out there that have never seen Matrix PingPong, here it is. This video is an oldie but a goodie. The Japanese never fail to amaze me. I’ve seen it hundreds of times and I never get tired of this stuff. It’s so well choreographed. I wonder how long it took them […]

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TH!NK is bringing electric cars back to life

Remember the movie “Who Killed the Electric car?”. Well TH!NK is bringing it back to life! The Th!nk City electric car, a four-seater with 110 mile range and top speed of 65 mph, priced under $25,000, made from 95% recyclable materials, and available in the U.S. in 2009. The Th!nk City electric car is the […]

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The Coolest Live Fight Choreography Ever

Wow. This is the coolest live fight choreography that I’ve ever seen. They use the spear like it was a machine gun and nobody dies. I kept waiting for one of them to stab the other in the face, but it never happened. they were just that good. And they only got a 9.71. What […]

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Mac vs PC: John McLane Settles the dispute.

Mac vs PC. Thanks to Die Hard, we can finally put the age-old question to bed. John McLane settles the dispute.. PS: The image is copyrighted by whoever took them. Don?t sue me bitches.

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Working for Google in Zurich

I always knew that I wanted to work for Google. Now I know which office I want to work in. I want to work for Google in Zurich. Google in Zurich probably has the coolest office in the world. I’m not even sure how these people manage to actually get any work done. Now, if […]

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Video of the Hayena Man from Harar

Apparently, this man has been feeding Hayenas for years now. He lives in Harar, Ethiopia, and they call him the hayena man. This man is definitely crazy!! Now, because of him, I want a Hayena as a pet so no one would mess with me. Pitbull terriers would look like pussies next to my hyena. […]

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The Military Aircraft Graveyard – The world’s 3rd largest Air Force

Aircraft cemeteries were created in 1945 to stock part of the more than 300 000 aircraft built by the United States during World War II. The largest aircraft cemetery in the world is on the air base Davis-Monthan in Tucson, in the Sonoran Desert in Arizona. There are over 4,400 military aircraft of the US Air Force in this cemetery. Most of them can still fly and are uses as part of the strategic air Air Force Reserve, which is by far the world’s largest.

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Toronto Maple Leaf Fans…

I saw this on the Internet and on TV. So, it must true. Being a Montreal Canadiens fan, I thought that I was the only person who knew about this. But it turns out that it is a well-known fact about Toronto Maple Leaf fans. In fact, it’s a fact of life. So to all […]

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The new incredible Hulk movie looks awesome!

It’s about time they had a great actor playing Banner. Edward Norton already knows how to play a character with an alter ego. (Fight Club is one of the best movies of all time!!!!) And now, he’s playing the hulk, That’s awesome!! If the movie is as good as this poster, they already got my […]

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