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Buy Michael Jordan’s house, get every pair of Air Jordan!

Only one person will be able to say, ‘I just bought Michael Jordan’s house.’ Will it be you? the NBA legend is cutting the price in half and throwing in every edition of Air Jordans ever made, which really sounds like one of the coolest signing bonuses of all time.

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You can travel the world in an egg-shaped house!

Imagine travelling the world in a egg-shaped house. Well that is exactly what you can do with the Egg-shaped eco-capsules, which lets travellers set up camp anywhere… and generate power with a mini wind turbine and solar panels.

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Tiny Homes in Texas aka Bestie Row

These individual homes are 400 sq. ft. cabins, running around $40,000 each. Their community, dubbed “Llano Exit Strategy,” was designed to handle the harsh, arid Texas climate. These buildings were designed for low environmental impact, and sustainability. The roofs are sloped to angle rainwater runoff into water catchment tanks.

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Check out this Triangle House in Japan

Everybody knows how much we love small and funky houses at ESBU. So that’s why we instantly fell in love with this triangle house in Horinouchi, Japan. Mizuishi Architect Atelier has designed and built this amazing and very efficient house called “River Side House“. Although the house looks like a small little house, its a different story once you step inside..

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“Reflection of Mineral” house in Japan

Leave it to the Japanese to find the best way to use a small space. Check out this building located in a densely populated district of Tokyo. The house is located at the intersection of two city streets and occupies an area of ??slightly more than 40 square meters. In fact, the building area is even smaller – about 30 square meters. Created by architect Yashuhiro Yamashita, this building looks like a big tourist van from far.

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Luxury Dog Houses – How much do you love your dog?

How much do you love your dog? Enough to build him a luxury dog house? If so, then you need to check out the folks at Luxury Doghouse. They build luxury dog homes! Complete with air conditioning, heating, Jacuzzi and every other luxury you can think of. If you didn’t buy one of these for your dog, you hate your dog!