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Cool Star Trek Facts

Cool Star Trek Facts Although I am not a Star Trek fan, I found these Star Trek facts still entertaining. PS: Star Wars is still more Awesome than Star Trek

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The Worst Hip Hop Album Cover of all time

big bear - doin thangs Hahahaha. So a couple of months back, we wrote a post on the worst rap video of all time. Well, the segment was so popular, we decided to post the worst album cover all time. It’s by Big Bear and the album is called Doin Thangs. Words cannot describe just how bad this album cover is. From the bears with sunglasses and silk robes to the bizzare bucket of fruits in the middle. My favorite part has to be the bear with the sunglasses and the cigar in his mouth. And for artistic measurs, Big Bear’s name is made out of honey. Priceless!

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Ferrari vs. freight train

ferrari vs freight train Ever wondered what would happen if a Ferrari and freight train faced off? Well so did the owner of the Ferrari above. Sadly, the Ferrari looses the fight.. ferrari vs freight train more Pics after the jump…

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Cool Facts About The Simpsons

Love The Simpsons? Then you’re going to love these cool facts about the Simpsons! Yup! ESBU is back with a post about the most famous family on television: The Simpsons!

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New Transparent iPhone 4G concept

Now I know that there are a lot of transparent iPhone concepts out there but some are just cooler than others. Case in point, this concept of the new transparent iPhone 4G. This is the coolest iPhone 4G concept that I’ve seen so far on the internet. I love the transparent aspect. But it does look bigger than the current iPhone 3g.

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Divorce Cakes

With Divorces being just as common as marriages these days, it’s no wonder that there is now a growing trend to create divorce cakes. Here are some of the most amazing divorce cake pics that we could find on the net. Read more..

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Chinese Workers photographed by Edward Burtynsky

Knowning that China produces most of the things we use in our daily lives, photographer Edward Burtynsky decided to show us how these chinese workers live. Its worth noting that 70% of Christmas decorations, 29% of television sets, 75% of toys and probably almost 100% of t-shirts are produced in China, by millions of Chinese workers. His photographs are both amazing and disturbing. Read More…

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High Five for Pedestrians

The above are instructions for pedestrians on how to give a high five on the streets

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