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Samurai Darth Vader

Today, while surfing the Net, I discovered Samurai Darth Vader! Samurai Darth Vader is an action figure that is manufactured by a Japanese toy company called Yoshitoku to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Star Wars. Samurai Darth Vader is Awesome.

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Star Wars: the new aphrodisiac

Ever since the 90s, there’s been a growing awareness that nerds rule the world. So it’s not remarkably surprising to see reliable sources noting that geeks attract women: And the thing about nerds is, we reaaaaally like Star Wars. And we’ll put in a lot of work to show our affection for the show. Ryan […]

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The Jello Wrestling Ninja Nurse

This really funny character was created by two guys with a lot of time on their hands. They have a webcomic called Women Hate Us ( Many of their characters are quite funny, but I really love the Jello Wrestling Ninja Nurse. Check her out below.. You can check out the webcomic at PS: […]

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ESBU lists the various types of Facebook users – which one are you?

Let’s face it. Facebook sucks. It’s just a meaningless website that gives losers a feeling of importance because they have all these ?virtual friends”. Although big D and I are not on Facebook, we have analyzed the various types of Facebook users and have come up with a list. So, here is our list of the types of Facebook users.

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Code Monkeys Rule

This is a video I found a little while ago, and I thought was brilliant. Catchy song, nice use of WOW, and remarkably relevant in today’s world. Just remember, they don’t actually like being referred to as “code monkeys”… Then there’s times when you’re surfing without restraint (beer helps here) and you find something so […]

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Alien vs Predator: A detailed analysis of who would win

After Big D’s review of AVPR, we had a long talk about Aliens vs Predator. This lead to a huge disagreement on the most important topic: Who would win? Big D thinks that the Aliens win, I think that the Predator wins. Therefore, I decided to look into this scientifically: by searching the Internet and collecting data!

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AVP: Requiem sucks so bad, it’s impossible to find words in the english language that convey the sheer suckiness of this movie. If, for some insane reason, you intend to watch this travesty of a movie, be warned that this article contains spoilers. But there’s no way this movie could be spoiled any worse than it is.

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The Wi-Fi Detector T-Shirt

We all know that the words “cool” and “geek” are mutually exclusive. You can either be cool or geeky, but you can’t be both. Just like gravity and relativity, it’s just one of the laws of the Universe that can’t be broken. But once in a while, you can find something geeky that is also […]

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Is this lady spinning clockwise or counterclockwise?

A co-worker sent us this image and we wasted an entire morning trying to figure out if the lady in the image above is spinning clockwise or counterclockwise. An Australian newspaper claims that this is a Left brain vs Right brain test. According to the Herald Sun, almost everybody sees the dancer turning counter-clockwise. However, […]

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