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2016 Nativity Hipster

So, we recently came across the nativity hipster Christmas set and its absolutely funny. The set, which is called the “Hipster Nativity” is a modern take on the traditional Christmas scene. It comes with a latte-drinking Mary and Joseph sporting a man-bun and taking a selfie with baby Jesus in a solar-paneled stable. Then there […]

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How Ugly is the 2016 Toyota Prius?

So, we are currently doing a poll at ESBU. Our poll question is “how Ugly is the new 2016 Prius?” Notice that we are not asking you if you think that the new Prius is ugly, we are asking you how ugly do you think it is? As one person put it: do Prius owners asked for an uglier car ? Or is it just the way Toyota makes cars ?

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Apple’s First Android App is “Move to iOS”

In a very bold move to it stick to Android, Apple decided that their first Android ap is going to be “Move to iOS“, an app that allows Android users to easily jump ship, and move to iOS by moving most of their data to iOS. While Google is trying to make useful apps like Google Maps and Gmail on iPhone in hopes that iOS users will switch over because of their apps, Apple is getting straight to the point: getting Android users to switch over!

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My Mercedes S63 AMG Coupe Diamond Edition from Mansory

So I decided to upgrade my Mercedes AMG Coup and who better to do it for me than the good folks at Mansory? I told them “Pimp my Ride” and here is what they gave me in return: The AMG Coupe Diamond Edition! Let’s talk about the upgrade… We’ll start with the technical stuff first and talk about the more subjective areas like interior and exterior design for later.

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Samurai Darth Vader finally Released

So after much anticipation, Samurai Darth Vader has finally been released. Samurai Darth Vader is part of the samurai-inspired Star Wars figures by toy maker Bandai. Officially labeled as Meisho Movie Realization Star Wars Samurai Taisho Darth Vader and Trooper (sheesh, talk about a long name). The collection features vary close attention to details on both Samurai Darth Vader as well as his storm troopers. Apparently George Lucas was inspired by Samurais for his figures, so the combination of the two worlds, 17th century Samurai and the futuristic Star Wars, somehow makes sense.

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Pics of the white and black iPhone 4

Now that the white iPhone 4 has been released by Apple, there are hundreds of sites comparing the black and white iPhone 4. Well, in order to make things easier for you, we are porviding side-by-side comparisons of the black and white iPhone 4. You’re welcome..

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Steve Jobs poster made entirely out of Apple product icons

If you love Apple products, chances are that you adore Steve Jobs. Well, Apple-loving nerds got together and created a poster of Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, made entirely out of icons Apple product icons!!! I have to say that it is quite impressive!!

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Luxury Dog Houses – How much do you love your dog?

How much do you love your dog? Enough to build him a luxury dog house? If so, then you need to check out the folks at Luxury Doghouse. They build luxury dog homes! Complete with air conditioning, heating, Jacuzzi and every other luxury you can think of. If you didn’t buy one of these for your dog, you hate your dog!

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The $4.8 Million Diamond Covered Mercedes-Benz

You are looking at the Diamond Covered Mercedes of Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal. Prince Waleed is a very rich Saudi Arabian prince who really likes diamonds and the finer things in life. Apparently, the car costs $4.8 million. However, you can pay $1,000.00 to touch it…

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The Military Aircraft Graveyard – The world’s 3rd largest Air Force

Aircraft cemeteries were created in 1945 to stock part of the more than 300 000 aircraft built by the United States during World War II. The largest aircraft cemetery in the world is on the air base Davis-Monthan in Tucson, in the Sonoran Desert in Arizona. There are over 4,400 military aircraft of the US Air Force in this cemetery. Most of them can still fly and are uses as part of the strategic air Air Force Reserve, which is by far the world’s largest.