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LaDanian Tomlinson’s LT Electric Glide Video

Now I know that 2010 has just begun, but this video is already a strong contender for best video of the year! The song is LT Electric Glide and it was created by LaDanian Tomlinson and Nike. This is the greatest thing I? have ever seen in my entire life. Every NFL fan should watch […]

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Jay-Z THE BLUEPRINT 3 Commercial From Rhapsody

Although only real Jay-Z fans will get this commercial, this has got to be one the best commercials ever made. Rhapsody did a great job with this commercial for Jay-Z’s Blueprint 3 album. They recreate every one of Jay-Z’s album cover in less than a minute.

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The Song from the Lincoln MKZ Commercial

I hate to admit it, but the song in this commercial for the Lincoln MKZ is amazing!!! I love the song and I cant get it out of my head! I am told that the song is called “Major Tom (Coming Home)” but I can’t find it anywhere! Can somebody tell me where I can get this song?? It’s so good that it almost makes me want to buy a Lincoln MKZ.

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The Cassette Tape MP3 player

cassette tape mp3 player Very few designs capture my attention like this really cool MP3 player. The Cassette Tape MP3 player, designed by Yanko Designs is an MP3 player that looks like a retro cassette tape. The Too bad that it is only a concept but check out the picks blow…

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What What (In the Butt)

Now, usually, I have a lot of comments on the various videos that we post on this site. However, this video really left me speachless. So this time around, I will simply post comments for this video found on YouTube…

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Shawty Wanna What?

So Lil Wayne put out a song called “lollipop” awhile back. I must have missed the first release, but I’ve had the great pleasure of seeing the video on MTV over the weekend. Catchy song, but what the heck is the lead singer saying? The mumbling is made even more incoherent by the tv mix […]

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PCD/Girlicious: What’s the difference?

I’m not really a big fan of pop music, but I have to admit that watching the PussyCat Dolls’ “Search for the Next Doll” was one of my guilty pleasures. I suspect that even the members of Godsmack and Disturbed enjoyed watching this show… The girls were relatively talented singers and/or dancers, and had enough […]

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